Vertical garden

You can now bring beautiful natural environments inside your home, business or office. You can choose from the wide array that we offer, but you can also personalize size and colors! Dream of your eternal garden, made by hand! For more information about unique projects here. (link) 2. ¿What are preserved flowers and moss? Our plants are from a sustainable origin and naturally preserved, so that they maintain their soft textures, vibrant colors and details. ¡They don’t need to be taken care of! ¡Without risks, reposition, without any additional costs and completely stress-free!


Do you need to customize your moss painting?

It is becoming more and more common to replace natural plants with preserved plants, since they continue to keep the same appearance as a living plant but with great benefit they do not need to be watered, thus making maintenance much easier. Therefore vertical gardens are a great idea to fill our businesses or homes with vitality. We are nature lovers but we always respect the environment and that is why we use biodegradable and ecological products, the process of which is carried out naturally.

We have standard measurements where you can select the size and customization between basic or complete design, you can also leave a note during checkout. But if you need a specific measure or have a decorative project.

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