Moss Slice Tree Art 16×16″- 40×40 cm


These natural tree slices give a very natural touch to the composition with the moss. They stand out for their versatility and can be placed anywhere as centerpieces or hung on the wall.

Create a unique plant art that gives living walls a new style!
Dream with a hand-made eternal living moss art piece!

Our sustainably sourced and naturally preserved plants maintain their soft textures, intricate natural details and vibrant colors. Zero care is requiring! No watering, no replacing, no extra costs and no stress!

Bring the outside nature in! You can enjoy a beautiful customize piece for home, office, business local, hotel…

OPTIONS OF MOSS ART: Possibilities are endless. Find examples in our image “Types of foliage and flower” but the choice is yours. The plants can be used may vary from the ones on the pictures. (As been real-preserved plants, we must consider that not all of them grow during the year).

-BasicDesign (vertical or horizontal): The basic design has a moss base with small touches. (foliage, some color, moss, lichen and foliage plants) you choose as you want it!

-EntireDesign (vertical or horizontal): The entire design has a moss base and lots of foliage, flowers, moss balls, the design the frame is more full of elements. Please, write a note to the seller with the floral-color specifications.

* We will create the unique piece that you are looking for ☺
*You can see our “chromatic image options” to suite your wishes.


16″x 16″ (40×40 cm)


Wood Slice and moss

Lead time: between 1-2 weeks

Shipments worldwide from Barcelona with insurance and tracking number

Estilo: Diseño Básico, Diseño Completo

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