Multicolored Bhali Rug


This handwoven cotton rug is the best option if you are looking for a fresh material that does not keep static energy. It is also perfect to decorate any space easily.

Rugs are the key to the decoration of a home. They provide warmth, dress, isolate and delimit spaces. Of course, it is important to choose the right model.

If you have any doubts… We can help you!

When choosing the ideal rug you have to take into account the type of material, the colors, the shape and its measurements. ( On the item you have some images to use as reference)

With a good combination of these variables you will be sure to get it right!

Sustainable & Natural & vegan

This rug is made of 100% cotton, a very versatile natural fiber and widely used in the world.This rug is reversible and for its measurements is ideal for use in bathrooms and bedrooms or any space.


– Cotton 100%
– Thickness: 4 mm
– Recommended for indoor use

*Hand-woven rugs, therefore there may be differences in shapes, thicknesses, drawings and sizes of a manual manufacture.
*The colors of the carpets will be perceived differently, depending on the angle of vision.Ivory braided Jute rug designed to add a neutral style and a cozy atmosphere. All of our rugs are dyeing with vegetal dyes.

– Can be cleaned with vacuum cleaner
– Washed in a washing machine ( maximum program 30ºC)
– For specific stains, clean with a damp cloth.

More info about how to clean the rugs:

Tips to clean and have your rugs always perfect


5-7 days

Worldwide shipment from Spain with tracked shipment

Medidas: 3.6x2ft- 110x60cm, 4.9×2.9ft -150x90cm, 4.3×6.2ft-130x190cm

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