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Kilims are a type of rugs that stand out for their geometric shapes and colors giving life to your room

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Kilims are a type of rugs that stand out for their geometric shapes and colors giving life to your room. They are produced by one of several flat weaving techniques and are typically made on looms whose main material is wool. Cotton, silk or other types of threads usually accompany wool to finish off the realization of the kilim.Apply a natural and elegant touch in any space of your choice! Sit back and relax!


At this time, caring for the environment is one of the main concerns of people. Therefore, when buying a good quality carpet, you can choose a material that is ecological. Wool is extracted from sheep by shearing, a process necessary to relieve these animals from the heat as the summer season approaches. It can be said that shearing a sheep is beneficial both for her and for taking advantage of this matter, as long as this process is done with animal care and respect.

Wool is very strong and its texture allows it to recover quickly from crushing caused by steps or furniture. This natural resistance also makes the carpet look new and fresh for longer.
Wool has a natural ability to resist stains and dirt. In fact, it has over 30% more stain resistance than even the best synthetic fibers.
In addition, this rug is made of cotton, a very versatile natural fiber that is widely used in the world.

**This model contains imperfections typical of manual manufacturing, for this we have some detail photo and video. Each Kilim of this collection is unique, there are no two alike, that is why we send exactly the carpet you see in the pictures, it is unique.

* The colors of the rugs will be perceived differently, depending on the viewing angle and the monitor.


– Easy to care for, they can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner

– Soft texture and pleasant to the touch

-Dry cleaning


Wool – 100%


168x251cm thickness 4mm approximately



Lead time: 1 – 2 days
Shipments worldwide from Barcelona with insurance and tracking number


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