Moss wall arts, a booming bet

A walk in the middle of nature invites us to live here and now, it takes us away from noise, everyday stresses and brings calm and well-being.

We often say that the outdoors disconnects us from the world, but in reality it embraces us. The land, the field, the trees and the plants are a refuge for the soul.

This is why we love vertical gardens so much!

They are a little piece of nature at home. Representations made by hand with plants of sustainable origin and preserved in a natural way that connect the exterior with the intimacy of the home.

An outside-inside game that invites optimism and charges us with energy.


In a year in which we have experienced restrictions and limitations of all kinds, surely some of the most hygge illusions that we have in our heads have to do with the natural environment.

Stepping on the ground barefoot, running through a forest in the middle of a storm, the smell of already parched grass or the smell of freshly fallen rain. And now dreams are simpler. They speak of leisurely freedom, of roots and essence.

The health crisis has driven the relevance of physical and mental well-being and self-care is a growing trend today.

Just as the concentration in yoga helps us to achieve both physical and mental balance, there are small daily routines with which we also manage to connect with ourselves, with our environment and reach a state of relaxation and surrender.

At Fhygge we seek, through interior design and decoration, to turn our home into that oasis in which to feel happy and at peace. A true temple of well-being in which to live comfortably and calmly!

And with this philosophy we build our vertical gardens. For us they are not a mere decorative object. They represent calm and harmony.

They are that corner of the house that comforts, encourages and makes us vibrate. A plant wall that connects us to nature and reminds us of the importance of conscious living.

We suggest you look at that wall that is now beating and breathe deeply.

Exhale and let go. Namaste.



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