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Welcome to Fhygge! Those of you who already know us may be surprised that, after so much time, we are now starting to write our blog. We have given it a lot of thought, do not believe it, and we have come to the conclusion that this blog allows us to expand on some content as we cannot do it within our social media accounts. Through this new route we want to offer you ideas, advice, tips for using the products, as well as we will be able to deepen a little more in our Fhygge philosophy.

Have you ever wondered what Fhygge is? Fhygge is born from the mixture of two terms that you are sure to know well.

It comes from the fusion of the Danish concept “Hygge” – which we can translate as the mixture of well-being, cozy, comfort and freedom – and the Chinese term Feng – which comes from the Taoist philosophy and defines the harmonious occupation of a space. Hygge + Feng = Fhygge. These two concepts together perfectly define our philosophy and values as a brand.

We want to help you create unique, welcoming spaces in your homes, where you feel comfortable and in contact with nature

Spaces of safety and harmony where you like to live. Conscious consumer interior design that respects the planet and the artisans who make the products among which we live and are part of our daily lives.

This way of looking at interior design goes as far as the selection of colors and materials that

they are part of the Fhygge universe when it comes to designing and choosing our products. We flee from stridency and maximalism. We look for neutral colors and natural materials that call for calm and tranquility to help you create a comfortable decoration for your home.

So if you are a newcomer to our space, hello! We invite you to take a walk through our store, to discover our products, our values and our way of working.

Come in and make yourself at home. Touch the materials and enjoy surrounded by nature. And relax. Welcome to Fhygge.

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