How to care for a moss wall art

In our last blog post we explained what vertical gardens mean to us and we already told you that their maintenance and conservation is very simple.

Now we want to expand all the details so that you know the secrets kept by these plant walls with an almost magical background!

Living plants require light, water and a lot of care and attention. They are beautiful and of course they are not at odds with what we are going to tell you. You can always combine both worlds at home! In fact… we advise you to do so.

But today we are going to talk about an ecological and ideal alternative if you do not have too much time to dedicate to gardening, if you are not a handyman of plants or if you simply love the decorative result that vegetation provides on walls, ceilings and soils.

There is no excuse if what you want is to enjoy nature at home!


What care do vertical gardens need?

Almost none! You will only have to dust them occasionally with an air spray, a dryer or a soft cloth. And the best? They are not artificial, they are made with natural plants that have undergone a preservation process to maintain their beauty, freshness, details and vivid colors.

The plants are grown and treated following a sustainable process. When they reach their ideal growth point, they are cut and from there they are treated with a 100% natural preservative liquid that replaces the sap and water of the plant or flower.

What if we are going to be away from home for several weeks?

Perfect. When you return the vertical garden will be as when you left. It will keep the same colors and retain its bright green. We are not kidding when we say that they require almost no maintenance! Neither irrigation nor substrate. Preserved plants remain intact for months or even years.

So we don’t have to call the neighbor to water the vertical garden during our absence?

Never! This must be very clear. Vertical gardens cannot be watered. If we add water, the plants lose their preservation and the mural will end up rotting.

What kinds of plants are used in a vertical garden?

There are many options! Mosses, ferns, eucalyptus, papyrus, amaranthus, lichens … and also flowers. Roses, carnations, chrysanthemums … Contact us!

In a rustic house or in a modern apartment?

Everywhere! The green walls are beautiful at home, but also in the office, in a meeting room, in a store or in a business. And they also adapt to all kinds of environments. Of course, always indoors.

In a rustic house in the country they serve as a connection with the outside and become an extension of nature that beats outside vibrantly. In this case, they help to achieve that inside-outside game that we like so much and that is a growing trend for decorators and interior designers.

But try a modern apartment in a big city. The result is also spectacular!

Here the vertical gardens are positioned almost like works of contemporary art that, in addition to decorating, inspire and relax. When we are surrounded by asphalt, billboards and in a fast-living digital environment, these living walls become more necessary than ever: they bring calm and tranquility.

Inside or outside?

Always inside. This is important. Vertical gardens are only intended for indoor use and direct and prolonged exposure to sunlight must be avoided. We have already told you that they are small works of art … take care of them as if they were a painting by your favorite artist!

Think about how the fabric of the swimsuits looks when the summer passes, or the yellow tone that the leaves of natural indoor plants take when we expose them to the sun … The same will happen with your vertical garden if you do not take precautions.

To keep its green, fresh and bright tone, choose a corner of the house without much natural light or humidity.

Do preserved plants have an odor?

Yes! Being 100% natural plants it is possible that during the first weeks they give off a certain smell. Some people do not find this pleasant, but we consider it to be part of its charm. The plastic and synthetic silks of artificial flowers do not smell like anything … but the result will never be comparable!

Will we have to prune?

You will see that you will answer this question for yourself. It’s simple, you don’t have to prune because they don’t grow. The plant is cut at the moment of greatest beauty and all its biological process stops there.

Can I customize my own garden?

The forests of moss, ferns and plants have that magical background with the ability to awaken the imagination and elevate creativity. That is why it is important for you to know that Fhygge vertical gardens can also be made custom!

Choose the size of the frame, the colors and the type of plants or flowers and try to create that Hygge corner in which to lose yourself and fly… We will help you!


How to care for a vertical garden, maintenance and conservation.


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