A Fhygge home is also animal friendly

Are you worried that your pet has its own space at home? Do you adapt the decoration to their needs without giving up the style of the rest of the house?

Sure you have created an ‘animal friendly’ home and you didn’t know it!

This concept – or also ‘pet friendly’ – is used in interior design to define spaces in which design and decoration go hand in hand with the comfort and well-being of pets.

Take off your human glasses for a moment and try looking around from an animal perspective! Now you are ready to create spaces that improve the coexistence of all the members of the house without abandoning your personal style and care.

Think about incorporating furniture made of materials that do not concentrate odors, such as wood, and choose accessories in the tone of your pet, something that will facilitate cleaning and help you create a chromatic harmony that always brings calm and well-being.

It is also advisable to bet on covers and textiles that can be washed and pay close attention to the safety of our furry companions.

A rug made of a natural material such as jute protects your legs from slipping and, incidentally, also the floor from unwanted scratches. Of course … you should be clear about how to clean the carpets and do it with a certain frequency.

There is nothing like getting ahead of problems to avoid anger and frustration!

Hello Feel Wood Barcelona

And if you want to keep your things safe … worry that your pet has the toys, bed and accessories it needs!

There are pieces designed to meet the needs of pets that do not clash with the rest of the decoration of the house. This is the case of the proposal made by the feelwoodbcn.com team.

They are friends and lovers of animals. In their online store they sell furniture and accessories for cats and dogs that combine design and functionality. Parks, beds, drinking fountains, sandboxes … all made by hand, with natural products and recycled wood.


The best? His designs are designed both for the taste of animals and for the people with whom they live. They are so beautiful that you will doubt if it is a toy for your cat or another bookcase in the house! Or maybe you are surprised and it has the double function!

The sobriety and elegance of the wood (recycled or new pine) that they use in all their furniture and accessories is a very successful bet so that the animals can play, rest or eat without breaking the harmony of the rest of the house.

In addition, the feelwoodbcn.com team has launched a solidarity initiative that you are sure to love. Each end of the quarter donates to different protectors 5% of the profits of all the orders it receives within a selection of articles.

Cruelty free

At Fhygge the commitment to animals is total. Your respect, well-being and care is a priority for us.

We use vegan, natural, sustainable and organic materials that will also be comfortable and appropriate for the well-being of your pet.

The only product that you will find on our website that is made with a fiber of animal origin are wool rugs. But we use this material because we are sure that in the shearing process we guarantee absolute respect for the sheep.

Dealing directly with artisans and maintaining a close relationship with them allows us to know our products very well.

We know where the sheep from which the wool comes out of the carpets we sell live, we know the people who shear them and the affection with which they do so. We guarantee respect for animals in the manufacture of all our products.

Sheep need to trim their hair to coincide with the spring or summer months so as not to accumulate so much heat and avoid infections. In fact, during this time the fur begins to peel off naturally and with shearing there is no suffering for the animals.

Fhygge homes are temples of peace: multipurpose and simple spaces that provide calm and well-being. But we are convinced that this experience is only achieved if the products really help to achieve a balance between people, animals and the environment.

Join the ‘animal friendly stream!

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